'The Elements' Seminar - 2011

Thank you to everyone for coming and supporting the seminar, in particular those who helped organise or teach. It was a fun, successful day with a really positive vibe.

'The Elements' was a farewell seminar to honour and train with Sensei Graham Ravey before he leaves the UK to live in Australia, and an opportunity to present him with 8th Dan certification, acknowledging his efforts and contributions to the martial arts.

We would also like to thank the International Society of Okinawa/Japanese Karate-do, Koryu Kenkai Australia, International Ryukyu Research Society, British Karate Association, Zanshin Martial Arts, International Budo Federation and European Karate-do Wado Kai for your contributions towards Sensei Ravey's 8th Dan presentation.

Special thanks to Dave Allen of Zanshin Martial Arts, Richard Dickinson and Andrew Watson of Kempo Ju-Jitsu/Nirvana Fitness, Craig Welsh from KAPAP Sheffield and Simon Golland of Sheffield Goju Ryu for instructing the taster sessions before the main event.

Half of the proceeds from the event were donated to the victims to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Below is a receipt received from Govenor Yoshihiro Murai of Miyagi Prefecture.

'The Elements' Seminar - 2011