The Cleansing Program - Part 1 Oxygen - Graham Ravey

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I wrote in my last article Ageing briefly about oxygenation and promised to expand later, so here it goes!

First let's clarify what a human being basically is. In one sentence (very scientifically) we are super oxygenating, mineral processing machines, each and every one of our cells should be full of oxygen and 87 various minerals. The oxygen is fuel for the cell to process these minerals in many patterns so we can blink, laugh, cry, walk, etc, in other words mineral combinations are responsible for every function of the body and having enough fuel (oxygen) is as important.

Even if we have the minerals the cell can€™t process them without oxygen, so like hand in glove, they go together, but talk about minerals will come later. Let's talk more about the Fuel.

So if your cells are super oxygenated they fight off 100% of all Microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi etc. that attack our body (daily) much quicker, and in some cases prevent it happening. There are I believe over 300 different types of microbe to plague us, more so now with pets around the household. These parasites freely use our blood stream to commute around the body, some take up residence at some locations and that can be nasty. If you could see these unwanted squatters under a microscope, you would know what I mean, (see Cure for all Cancers, written by Hilda Regehr Clark PHD, ND page 5 for close ups and more info).

One thing all these microbes have in common is the fact that they are Anaerobic Low Oxygen Breathers. They don't like high oxygen places and will die, but viruses are rapid breeders, they eject eggs when life is threatened and can retreat into Deep Lymph Tissue. Areas were blood flow is at its minimum and so is oxygen. There they breed up and when in numbers attack the blood system again, usually when your bio-rhythms are low.

I have a machine called a Magnetic Pulsar to clean the deep lymph tissue areas of such scum. I will talk about this item also as the cleansing unfolds. We have established then that we need oxygen otherwise we fall foul to disease. We are lucky if our air contains 27% oxygen these days and in busy cities only 20%. Air bubbles trapped in amber sap from trees dating back hundreds of years has been analysed for oxygen content and was found to contain no less than 45%. We are running nearly on half strength fuel; no wonder the numerous anaerobic germs are having a field day in our bodies.

What can we do?
This is published in several articles and I quote form Ed McCabe's book. "The F.D.A (Federal Drug Administration (US) . or A.D.A. (Australian Drug Administration) would like to keep it a secret from the public as long as they can, for 2 reasons. Oxygen is cheap and therefore the multi-million drug cartel system in place right now would crumble. It is well known that the top share holders in pharmaceutical supplies and the F.D.A board of directors are the same people. Secondly the government do not want people over 50 years old to be healthy and have extended lives (especially social benefit recipients), so we must be responsible for our own health and supplement our oxygen intake by buying it."

Does it sound so strange to buy your oxygen when we have been buying water for some time now? I have said so far that we don't have a large enough percentage of oxygen in our air, but I did not say why? In one sentence, it is due to the rapid evolvement of humans. In nature oxygen is made by the sun rays passing through the ozone layer (O3). On the way through they through they pick up an O molecule from the ozone layer, this O molecule travels down the ray of light until it reaches a cloud (H2O) and deposits the molecule which then makes (H2O2), basically known to us as hydrogen peroxide.

I don't like this word as it contours up thoughts of bleach, I would rather call it liquid Ozone (The ozone layer comes in contact with water). Liquid ozone is then poured onto earth again by nature at the next cloud burst. Everything in theory is then given super oxygen. I said in theory because the fact is, our air is so polluted by jet engine discharge, factory and car emissions etc that by the time the liquid ozone (rain) has reached earth it has only 50% of its original strength, the rest has been used on cleaning the atmosphere on the way down. The plants we eat are already low in oxygen, then we boil most of what's left out of them before we consume, so we definitely are not getting enough H2O2.

I have been taking liquid ozone now for over 7 years as well as doing other protocols that make up the cleansing package. I feel great and notice that if a virus gets hold of me it seems to not go the distance and I get better quicker. I get my oxygen from a chemical company as Hydrogen Peroxide 35% F.G. (Food Grade), it is not available over the counter anywhere else. Even a pharmacy only stocks a 3% antiseptic or 6% hair bleach and these are not pure, they have stabilisers in them for a €œshelf life. This 35% food grade is the only one that is used for consumption in a 1:200 parts water solution recipe.

Do not mention you are going to drink it for health as they will not sell it to you, the F.D.A. makes sure of that, I told them I have Hamburger stalls and I need the Food Grade for washing every utensil I use. Even the F.D.A. recognizes the fact that hydrogen peroxide at 3% antiseptic solution will kill 100% of all microbes.
It comes in a 20 or 25 litre container, which is too much for one person to use up so try and get some like minded people to go in with you. Maybe a whole dojo could invest. I will not pretend to you that when taken orally it tastes nice, there is a distinct bleach taste for a minute or two before the oxygen disperses through the body and on an empty stomach this is more evident. You get used to it and for the little discomfort of taste you reap so many healthy rewards. I assume from here on that you have acquired the H.P. 35% F.G, but before I give you some recipes I will go through the protocols of H2O2.

  1. Don't drink or spray it in the body at night, it will give you energy and you can't sleep.
  2. It should be drunk 3 hours at least after food or 1 hour before. The best time I think is in the morning 1 hour before breakfast, if this is impossible how about
    4PM if you last ate at 1PM and your dinner is about 5PM, anyway this is your decision. The reason you don't want food in your stomach is because oxygen will fight the acid breaking down the food and by the time it gets to the cells is not at it's strongest.
  3. Take oxygen every day if you feel flu like symptoms for a week or so, don't worry e.g. strong urine smell, dizzy headaches etc, this is your body detoxifying from the oxygen and is not a bad thing. Cut back to 3 times a week if you like until it goes. Basically if you are a sick person you could feel more detoxifying effect than a person using oxygen as a maintenance program.
  4. Never drink 35% F.G. pure! It will kill you. 35% H.P. is like battery acid in it's 35% state, it is very corrosive and toxic but not inflammable. Keep in a cool place and in its 35% state until used. Because it is very pure and has no preservatives, it has low shelf life. Dilute only as needed and use gloves and eye wear when diluting. If 35% comes into contact with skin it will send the area white for a while and a prickly sensation will be experienced, wash in water immediately.

Oral Dose 10 drops of 35% F.G. H.P. in a 8oz glass of water (1:200) to be drunk daily. 3% Antiseptic Dilute to a 1:12 solution, 12 parts water and 1 part 35% F.G. I use a garden spray bottle; they usually have a scale on the side and makes it easier for dilution. A 3% antiseptic is used on cuts or for replacing the acid mantel on the body after a shower. For gargling (never swallow) as a mouth wash. Sometimes swish a bit of 3% under the tongue for a minute, it will put oxygen in the blood stream via the thin membrane located there. It can be used around the kitchen and toilet as one of the most effective bacteria killers there is, it is used in hospitals as such. I spray some on my body before a training session for a bit of an oxygen boost. Put 2-3 drops of 35% F.G. in a 2 litre container of tap water. It will kill bacteria and oxygenate the tap water; it gives a waterfall like flavour. Don't think that your tap water is clean because you put it through a filter, filters only separate metal pollutants (toxics) from the water, not bacteria. 10 bacteria shoulder to shoulder as to speak could fit through one hole in a filter, that's how small these microbes are. 1 drop of 35 F.G. in the water used for spraying or boiling vegetables will put some oxygen through them, don€™t boil them for too long though. Use 3% H.P. instead of toothpaste. If you look at toothpaste, the only active ingredient in it is oxygen. It bleaches teeth white and kills germs (gingivitis). Spray some in the mouth and brush as usual; it will foam up like toothpaste. The foaming action of peroxide only occurs when it contacts bacteria, there are over 3000 articles written on H.P. for health. I encourage you to download some. I have given you the two main recipes for the cleansing program that I use for health and longevity against microbes, but there are some more for all kinds of things.

In the garden 16 drops of 35 to a quart of water will make flowers produce growth and yield more.
As a facial 3% on a cotton ballVegetable soak add ½ cup of 35% to a sink full of water, soak vegetables for a minute in it, they will last longer in fridge.
Eye bath spray 3% once in the eye bath, fill eye bath with luke warm water, soak eye. A warm but comfortable sensation should be felt.
Alternate bath ½ cup 35% H.P. plus ½ cup of sea salt, mix into hot bath water and soak body.
Athletes foot soak in 3% solution every night till better.

As a martial artist I encourage you to try oxygen and see if it benefits your training as I feel it does mine.

In part 2 of the cleansing program I will cover the benefits of using an electrical blood cleaner in collaboration with oxygen.

This is the second tool to use against microbes in your bodies.

Sensei Graham Ravey