Karate-do/Tools (My way of life/Arts) - Graham Ravey

Karate-do Tools

Armed with "Tools" that can only be obtained by many years of traditional Karate practice students may then choose subjects and mould then into art forms much quicker, but first we must realize what "the tools" are.

Training in a traditional style with a knowledgeable teacher over a lengthy period of time builds positive qualities such as focus; strength of character, discipline, timing, will power etc.

If looked upon as tools, these can help us defeat any task set upon us by "life itself" not only that but these "tools" assist us to pick up other art forms much quicker because we already understand an art (traditional Karate).

I will give you my own example. In my case I chose the art of music. I heard that some Karate masters became multi talented as time went by and selected such art forms like music, dancing, singing and painting to pursue. So I decided to play a musical instrument, the harmonica. I rationalized I had a "tool" to use. This was diaphragm breathing and breath control taught to me over the years by Goju Sanchin Kata. And knowing the structure of teaching Karate, gave me the "tool" to learn to play. I related the formats of each art and found them to be similar. For example:

warm up
breathing exercises
do.re.me.fa.so la.te.do
sandan gi
riffs(3 basic notes strung together)
cover or classical songs
jamming (playing with others)

So the more I applied my Karate tools to the Harmonica the quicker I learnt the art form.

Enjoy your training and dont forget to apply the tools, otherwise they lay idle. The Japanese made art forms out of most everything from drinking tea to swordsman ship.

Sensei Graham Ravey