Yoyogi Dojo '74

Yoyogi Dojo

Yoyogi Dojo '74 - A young man's quest for self enlightenment through rigorous training

"Sensei Graham Ravey holds the distinction of being the foreigner who trained with Morio Higaonna the longest in Japan. This is the story of his journey in the martial arts. The book is filled with stories of the famous Yoyogi dojo in Tokyo. Ravey gives accounts of the many students and instructors from around the world who visited Higaonna's school. Among others, from John Jarvis of Kyokushin, Benny the Jet Urquidez and Eddie "Monster Man" Everett to Terry O'Neil and Harry Cook...

There are plenty of photos and the chapter titled "The Legend of Yoyogi Dojo" offers a rare insight to Ken Ogawa, one of the most accomplished Black Belt instructors to come out of Higaonna's school.

A worthwhile read for anyone who wants to know what it was like to train in Japan with one of the best Goju karate teachers." - A. Bustillo

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