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Sensei Dave Martin

Sensei Martin started Goju Ryu training in 1992 after he attended his first Karate class under Sensei Rob Williams, having previously studied different styles of martial arts training such as Zendo kai, Bo, Boxing classes from 1988. Dave enjoyed the strong training that Goju Ryu provided.
Dave attended seminars and Gasshukus with teachers such as Graham Ravey, Glen Henry, Peter Oberaker, such as New Castle, Gold coast and the Sunshine coast. He won 4th place in the AMAC (Australian Martil Arts Championship) Kata competition.
He is the only Dansha who has undertaken the 16 man-fight twice. 

Dave has inspired his children to train at his dojo twice a week and believes martial arts are good for them to build character. Sharing Karate with his children is one of the high lights of his Karate training. 
Since 2005 Dave has taught at the Caboolture Dojo under the watchful eyes of Sensei Rob Williams. Now he is the principal instructor at the Caboolture Dojo, Queensland in Australia . 
Since Sensei Ravey has returned to Australia in 2011 Sensei Martin has continued to train with him.